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Vicky’s poem

I’ve been talking to a lady for a little while,

But only on the telephone.

Her name is Vicky, she works at AP,

And she never fails to make me smile.


If anybody thinks that I’m rambling on,

Then I urge you to continue, for I am not quite done.


Not too long ago, my head was ill,

Then the postie put a letter through the letterbox.

It was a PIP review form from DWP,

And that was it, my mind left me.


I tried to fill it in on my own,

But I couldn’t & I attempted to commit suicide,

It seems that I’m not very good at that,

Because If I was, I would’ve died.


Then a close friend recommended,

That I should contact A.P.

They said that they would help me,

To fill in the form for DWP.


I called the team the very next day,

And a lady with a kind voice picked up the telephone.

She said that I’m not to worry,

Because I’m not on my own.


Vicky & I went through the form,

And although it was a big ask from me,

She did exactly what she said she would do,

And weathered me through the storm.

 I owe this lady a debt of gratitude,

For she allayed my fears.

And I cried from time to time,

But only with tears of joy, you see.


She’s a very kind lady you see,

And we don’t often come across,

People like Vicky, so dedicated to what she does,

And so very sincere.

Thank you for all of your help, proper diamond!

Take care & may life always treat you kindly

Client x – August 2021

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