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Talk Money Week 2021

What is Talk Money week?

Talk Money week is to help people to open up about their personal finances.

If I am worried and struggling with my finances, what shall I do?

If you are experiencing money worries and struggles, please seek free advice and support. This advice and support is confidential. An advisor will consider all suitable options to help and support you. These may include checking if you are entitled to any other monies to increase your household income. For example, entitlement to benefits, paying the correct tax liabilities etc. An advisor will look at ways you may be able to save on your bills. They will also look at the options available to help with your debts.

I am too scared and anxious to get help and support?

It can be very daunting to seek help and support with your money worries. We see clients who are anxious, worried and scared in coming to us and the first step to contact us.

Below is some feedback we have received from our clients to give you an idea of how clients have felt after speaking with an advisor and how it has made a difference to them.

I thought the service was brilliant. I came in very anxious and frightened and panicky. After discussing my situation I feel I can breathe and my anxiety levels have reduced significantly. I was given excellent advice.

Understanding, straight to the point & very helpful. As you could imagine its embarrassing being in so much debt. I did not feel unwelcomed talking about my debts.

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