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Advice Portsmouth provides a YOUr Money workshop to all residents. The workshops are run by our YOUr Money Co-ordinator who provides 6 different sessions. Residents in Portsmouth are free to attend one or all sessions. Children are invited to attend the Family Learning session which are run during the school holidays. We provide a debt pack which includes a book, meal planner, expanding file, pen and highlighter pen.

If you would like more information and or would like to attend the session(s), please contact us on 023 92794 340 or by email

I like helping people with their financial issues. I used to work in a bank and saw the other side of chasing debts. I’m quite strict with my own finances. It makes me feel a great sympathy for people struggling with un-clearable debts.

Linda Waring

Debt Counsellor, Advice Portsmouth

I have worked in the debt sector for 22 years. It still gives me great satisfaction when I complete a Debt Relief Order for a client. To then see the relief on the client’s face!

John Harvey

Specialist Debt Adviser, Debt Relief Order Intermediary, Advice Portsmouth

What people say

"Many thanks for all your kind help in giving me a new start in life debt free"

"I didn’t realise I still had so many addictive behaviours."

"Group therapy is such a powerful thing. I have learnt so much about myself by attending groups that I sometimes think I would never be able to learn so much from my individual sessions."

"Our session on anger was useful as it allowed me to be more reflective"

"I recognised unhealthy coping strategies and have been able to be more aware of the seeds I water"

"What you bury will grow up again, What you dig up is gone"

"I believe in myself – I am being myself"

"I am growing into my own skin; I belong to myself- I've never felt that before, becoming me"

What is different now ? …. I have changed"

"A brilliant Service, I had to wait no time at all to see a counsellor and feel so much better for it"

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