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YOUr Money Workshops

YOUr Money Workshops are available for free! What was your first memory of money? Was it a gold chocolate coin? Perhaps tuckshop pocket money? Can you really tell the difference between a no-name bag of crisps or a branded bag? Confidence with your money and finances is more than increasing savings and spending less. Experiences, emotions and communication about money all impact your relationship to money. Let’s look at the workshops that we hold and what they can offer you!

What is involved?

The Workshops are fun, interactive and non-threatening sessions for individuals to look at money and its impact on them. We keep the groups small to make sure everyone is able to participate and feel comfortable.
We come together over several sessions to explore themes such as:

  • Credit
  • Debt
  • Budgeting
  • Communication

There are 7 workshops in total and each one is around 2 hours in length. It’s not necessary to attend each and every workshop though. They can be tailored to meet your individual needs.

YOUr Money Workshops

Why undertake a YOUr Money Workshop?

Attending a workshop will help reduce stress and increase your confidence around money. Undertaking a YOUr Money workshop will help you make confident decisions about money and take control of your financial situation.
We provide budgeting packs to help you manage your household finances. These include a file for your paperwork and a meal planner.

Those delivering the workshop have many years of experience providing debt and budgeting advice. And there will be an opportunity for you to speak with them privately should you wish to do so.

What is covered?

Budgeting: What influences our spending and using money, steps to budgeting and money saving tips, brining children into budgeting.

Credit: Pros and cons of credit, types of credit, jargon, annual percentage rates, things to do before taking out credit.

Debt: The causes and implications of debt. How it can affect families. Priority and non-priority debt. Debt do’s and don’ts. Getting help.

Saying no: Communicating effectively about debt. Encouraging positive communication with children, partner and family members. Negotiating with creditors and other agencies.

Children and money: What we want our children to learn about money. Why we buy things for our children. Alternatives to spending money.

Family Learning Workshop: Bringing together parents / carers and their children to engage in fun activities around money. This may include:

  • exploring logos and branding through T-shirt painting
  • playing ‘advertising detectives’
  • budgeting skill
  • introducing children to the concept of essential and non-essential spending through games and activities

How much does it cost?

Free to residents within the PO1 to PO6 area.

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