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What is the Energy Bill Support?

The Energy Bills Support was announced on 29 July by the UK Government. It states that households across the UK will receive discounts on their energy bills during the winter period.

Households will receive a £400 discount which will be administered by Energy Suppliers like EDF, British Gas etc.

How can I get £400 off my energy bills from October 2022?

Every household with a connection to the electricity grid in England, Wales and Scotland is eligible.

You don’t need to apply; it will be paid out by your electricity supplier over a 6-month period. The first payment will start in October 2022.

What will the monthly payments be?

  • October – £66
  • November – £66
  • December – £67
  • January – £67
  • February – £67
  • March – £67
gas and electricity

What if I don’t receive the amount off my bill?

If the first payment is not added to your bill by the beginning of November, please contact your electricity supplier.

Will I be eligible if I am a pay as you go customer?

Yes. The £400 will be paid to customers who pay by direct debit and pay as you go.

How will I receive this?

Direct debit customers

You will receive the discount as a deduction to the monthly amount collected or a refund to your bank account following the direct debit collection.

Standard credit or payment card customers

You will see the discount applied as a credit in the first week of the discount scheme. This will show as if you have made a payment.

Smart prepayment meter customers

The discount will be credited directly to your smart meter in the first week of the discount period.

Prepayment meter customers

You will receive redeemable discount vouchers or special action message from the first week of the scheme. These are issued via text, email or post. You will need to redeem these at your usual top-up point e.g., pay point or local Post Office branch.

Will I be entitled if I am student and or a tenant renting?

Yes, you will be entitled if you are renting a property with domestic electricity and this is included within your rental charges. Landlords who resell energy to tenants should pass the payments in line with Ofgem rules to protect tenants.

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